“Nothing But Rain In The Drain – not even drinking water”

We clean the environmentally correct way.

What is that?

We pressure wash and simultaneously vacuum up the residue.


We separate the liquid from the solids.

Liquids are sent to a waste water disposal plant.

Solids go to a landfill.

We leave your surface thoroughly clean, without violating environmental laws.

The law demands, with stiff penalties, that no wash water is ever allowed to enter a storm drain or that its residue be left in such a way that it could be washed by rain into a storm drain.

“Nothing But Rain In The Drain – not even drinking water”

Even environmentally friendly chemicals must never be allowed to go into a storm water drain.

Environmentally friendly -  just means it will eventually break down after some time – fish cannot swim in it…

 Our cleaning process accomplishes three goals for you:
1.    Your site receives a thorough cleaning.
2.    We protect you from environmental issues.
3.    You pay less, because our process is fast & efficient.

Chattahoochee River
This is the largest trout river that runs through a major metropolitan area – Atlanta.  It runs into the Gulf of Mexico and is the home to many native species of flora and fauna.

We work as a family in our business and have the health of the Chattahoochee River close to our hearts.

In May 2009, two of my three sons Marc (21) and Michael (18) further raised public awareness of the Chattahoochee River by kayaking unassisted from Buford Dam to the Gulf of Mexico.

They completed the trip in a record time of just 11.5 days from start to finish in Apalachicola Bay almost 500 miles downstream. They slept on the banks of the river and were saddened to see the poor health of the waterway.

The Chattahoochee is our river and we should look after its wellbeing for the generations to come.


Gwinnett County – on the forefront to clamping down on abusers of our water ways.
Useful links and BMP (Best Management Practices)


Clean Water under pressure leaflet.


Surface Cleaning booklet.


See list of businesses capable of collecting Surface Cleaning Wastewater on Gwinnett County www.



We use and market the patented Incline-Vac®  Environmental Clean & Recovery® machinery. ( patents # 6,453,584 & 6,988,568  & 7,503,134 & 7,604,023 patents pending #11/208,565 & 11/809,957 & 12/584,441 & 61/275,411 )

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