Welcome to USA Rose

Welcome to USA Rose

Welcome to USA RoseWelcome to USA RoseWelcome to USA Rose

About Us


Founded in 2002, USA Rose is a family-run business serving the Greater Atlanta area. Our focus has primarily been local schools, football stadiums, kitchens and restaurants.

We can clean just about anything - from a chemical/oil spill to the bilge of a ship - even an airport apron!

No job is too large or too small.

Some of our customers include:

  • Fulton County School system
  • Longhorn Restaurants
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • YMCA
  • Kroger
  • Numerous local pool plastering companies

They said that it could not be done…We do it!

The challenge to the environment is that polluted water (wash water) runs into the storm drains which run directly into lakes, rivers or even the sea without any treatment.

We have the ability to PowerWash indoors and out, with our patented equipment, with instant recovery of all waste water and when possible - we recycle. If not reusable, the water is pumped into holding tanks and taken to a waste water treatment facility.
This revolutionary equipment enables USA Rose to remain in total compliance with the EPA Clean Water Act.


Clean & Recovery® Incline-Vac® Surface Cleaner

Rob Rose and Lynn Buckner, a talented designer, have customized a Hydro-Vacuum Surface Cleaner with continuous solids/liquid separation & Hydro Carbon (oil) recovery ability.

Lynn has multiple patents in the fields of Continuous solids/liquid separation within a vacuum environment, Hydro Carbon Recovery, Surface Cleaning, & Vacuum Excavation.

The patented power wash Incline-Vac Clean® and Recovery® technology took years to develop and is setting industry standards. As a result, the USA Rose cutting edge cleaning technology produces unmatched results.

Most power/pressure washing companies re-arrange your dirt – USA Rose recovers it instantly. Our superior waste water management practices put us at the forefront of environmentally safe power washing companies.

We use and market the patented Incline-Vac®  Environmental Clean & Recovery® machinery. ( patents # 6,453,584 & 6,988,568  & 7,503,134 & 7,604,023 patents pending #11/208,565 & 11/809,957 & 12/584,441 & 61/275,411 )


The Clean & Recovery® Incline-Vac® handles all types of pressure washing needs including:

  • Surface-Clean & Recovery®
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Pollution spills
  • Hazardous material cleanup
  • Drill rig decontamination
  • Drain cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Flood cleanup
  • Cleaning of ship bilge/engine rooms
  • Vacuum excavation - used especially for fiber optic excavation work
  • Carwash dirt and oil trap cleaning
  • Restaurant oil trap cleanout

Call us for our services and to purchase equipment.

So contact Rob at USA Rose today for a FREE estimate and experience for yourself the amazing results of the environmentally safe PowerWashing cleaning process.


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